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Side profile of a polar bear

Stand up for the Endangered Species Act

The Trump administration has proposed changes that would drastically weaken the Endangered Species Act, changes that would slam a wrecking ball into protections

Polar bear mom with cub

New Projects in Russia

Russia is the big blank spot in polar bear research, but thanks to recent partnerships, Polar Bears International is helping to fund two key studies there.

Architect's rendering of Polar Bears International House

A Home with the Polar Bears

Our new Polar Bears International House in Churchill will allow us to increase our impact, educating visitors and a worldwide audience.

Two polar bears on snow.

Threats to the Endangered Species Act

It's time to speak up for polar bears and other wildlife: The public comment period on proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act runs through September 25.

A thin polar bear mother and cub in Svalbard.

Barents Sea Polar Bears

We saw no sea ice, even where it should have been blocking our route in fjords. The lack of ice is forcing Barents Sea polar bears into tough decisions.

Belugas swimming

Beluga Cam Returns

Every summer, thousands of beluga whales gather in estuaries in western Hudson Bay, providing unique opportunities to watch and study them.

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