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A polar bear lit by the morning sun on a tundra blanketed with snow.

Pollution in Polar Bears

Scientists have discovered hundreds of new contaminants in blood samples from polar bears in Hudson Bay and the Beaufort Sea, including some of unknown origin.

Polar bear cub on the sea ice in the Southern Beaufort Sea

Arctic Refuge Dens at Risk

The IUCN has written a letter advising against seismic testing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a prime denning area for polar bear families.

A polar bear cub snuggles close to mom for warmth

Climate Talks in Poland

Climate change is the single biggest threat to polar bears--and that's why it's important to speak up for them at the COP24 climate talks.

A polar bear on the sea ice

Tag-a-Bear Challenge

Glue, tape, or burr on fur: make something stick! 3M engineers are helping to develop a minimally invasive way to attach a tracking device to a polar bear.

A healthy polar bear on a Chukchi Sea beach.

Chukchi Sea Polar Bears

In a spot of good news, the first-ever estimate of the Chukchi Sea polar bears shows relative abundance--at least for now--a new study shows.

Lit by the sun, a lone polar bear strides across the sea ice

Back on the Sea Ice!

Plunging temperatures gave Churchill’s polar bears a timely return to the sea ice this year—a happy departure from the freeze-up delays of some recent years.

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