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Aerial view of sea ice beginning to break up.

Arctic Sea Ice Day Raises Awareness

Arctic Sea Ice Day, created by Polar Bears International, calls attention to the meltdown taking place in the Arctic, why it matters, and how we can help.

A forlorn-looking polar bear stands on melting sea ice

The Importance of Sea Ice: from Phytoplankton to Polar Bears

As Arctic Sea Ice Day approaches, Melissa Galicia explores why sea ice matters to the wide range of creatures that live on, below, and within the ice layer.

A polar bear mom and cub.

Bear Tracker Update

With the sea ice melting on Hudson Bay, the polar bears on our Bear Tracker map are making different choices about where to come ashore.

A polar bear dwarfed by a towering glacier in the background.

The Polar Bears of Summer

As we drew closer, the small yellow dot became more visible. It was a polar bear, casually walking along the edge of a small bay filled with sea ice.

Close-up of a polar bear's fur.

Polar Bear Questions: What Do Polar Bears Smell Like?

Take a good whiff of a polar bear's fur. What does it smell like? Dr. Thea Bechshoft says that it's as fresh and clean as their sea ice environment.

A lone polar bear on the sea ice

9 Facts About Arctic Sea Ice

Curious about the role sea ice plays in the Arctic and our global climate? As we count down to Arctic Sea Ice Day, scientist Alysa McCall shares nine key facts.

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