Polar Bears International

Why does PBI work with Canada Goose, a company that uses fur on its parkas?

Answered by Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, chief scientist at Polar Bears International.

Q: Why does PBI work with Canada Goose, a company that uses fur on its parkas? Isn't that contradictory for a conservation group?

A: Thanks for reaching out and expressing your concerns. We are happy to address this issue and provide a wider environmental context.

PBI views the polar bear within the larger context of the Arctic ecosystem, which includes the people who have lived in the north for thousands of years. Hunting, trapping, and fishing long have been integral parts of the Far North culture and lifestyle. As long as healthy habitats are maintained, these traditional practices can be perpetually sustained.

A key goal at PBI is to inspire modern societies to embrace sustainability. This means moving away from non-sustainable energy and materials to the fullest extent possible.

Canada Goose is a quintessential Canadian company that believes in working with and supporting northern communities. These communities follow long-held traditions by living off the natural resources from the land and sea.

Properly managed wildlife populations are a renewable resource that can be harvested sustainably. These resources bring benefit to traditional local communities while doing no harm to natural systems. Carbon-based fuels and fibers, on the other hand, are by definition not sustainable—in fact, they contribute to global climate change.

A balanced ecosystem is central to the polar bear's survival. We hope you'll join us in reducing your carbon footprint, living sustainably, and encouraging friends, family members, and your elected officials to do the same.