The North Slope, Finally!

2/21/2011 4:26:17 PM

The North Slope, Finally!

Kuparuk from above

We fly to Kuparuk but cannot land - high winds, snow aloft, and low visibility prohibits the 737 from landing on the gravel airstrip there. So we land with a fluttering bounce on Deadhorse's runway, roll to a stop and disembark into a blast of subzero air. This is a long way from Utah and still 40 miles east of Kuparuk. We wait hours before buses arrive and then make the near-white out drive (called Phase 2) to our base of operations.

Quite tired, we unload, find our assigned rooms, eat dinner, and meet our Conoco-Phillips contact, Justin Blank. (They call them SPOCs here, meaning Specific Person of Contact.) Justin has been very good to work with and we're glad to finally meet him. We turn in early as training begins tomorrow at 6 a.m.

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