11/5/2010 12:35:45 PM

Outreach from the Tundra

Today was a very blustery day on Tundra Buggy® One. Outside, the northwest winds gusted up to 80 km/h (50 mi/h) and the air temperature was around freezing. The weather was a stark reminder that this is the sub-Arctic and conditions can change quickly. Even the bears weren't very active today; they just seemed to hunker down as if they were trying to stay out of the wind. Maybe they know something we don't!

Polar Bear Portrait

This is my second season participating in Polar Bear International's educational outreach program, Tundra Connections. Today we had the privilege of participating in four videoconferences that connected us with school groups in North Carolina, Oregon, and Michigan.

Interacting with students and others interested in climate change and its effects on polar bear populations is a wonderful opportunity for the members of PBI's scientific panel who are passionate about polar bear conservation. We have the opportunity to share information on these subjects with curious students, and to try to inspire them to become informed citizens who can make a difference!

Bear along shore of Hudson Bay

Wildlife highlights for today, apart from the polar bears we saw, were sightings of a rock ptarmigan and of common eiders in the water in the near-shore area of Hudson Bay.

Photo Credits: Top, Daniel J. Cox/Natural Exposures; Bottom, Mike Lockhart.

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