Cape Churchill Day Five

11/27/2010 3:33:56 PM

Cape Churchill Day Five

Today the sky was filled with clouds and the tundra with polar bears. When I awoke, I peered outside to find a mother and cubs sauntering toward the coast. The sea ice our furry friends are searching for is nowhere to be found.

Cub looking at camera

Today I looked at the Canadian Ice Service map of sea ice for the Hudson Bay and we are way behind the norm. The temperature today is very mild and travel between the Tundra Buggy Lodge cars and my Tundra Buggy is possible without a jacket or gloves. Typically, winter's cold is so fierce at Cape Churchill in late November that any activity outside—no matter how short—would require a heavy jacket and mittens.

Bear with nose raised to the air

The current temperatures don't produce much sea ice to speak of and that's what these bears need. The forecast for the next several days is much of the same: above normal temps. It's our last day out here. Tomorrow we will pack up the lodge and head back into town. I'm looking forward to returning to civilization but I will miss the adventure of Cape Churchill—and I hope the ice comes soon for the bears.

Photo Credits: ©Valerie Abbott.

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