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4/20/2012 4:04:29 PM

Team Impact: Finalists in Project Polar Bear

Team Impact member with reusable bagsAs we kick off Earth Day weekend, we'll start our countdown of the top-scoring teams in our 2012 Project Polar Bear Contest. Team Impact from Indiana, locally sponsored by the Cincinnati Zoo, is one of two teams to earn Finalist Honors.

This team did a fabulous job with creating something new from something old and finding a way to close the production loop in their community. They took the animal feedbags common in the Midwest and made them into reusable grocery bags and totes.

The team worked together in an assembly line fashion to make as many bags as possible—and even involved their sewing class! They created a big demand for the bags, making it fashionable to use them instead of environmentally damaging plastic grocery bags.

They sold the bags at art fairs, special events, by word of mouth, and to family and friends. They shared information with their customers on the plight of the polar bear and the importance of not only recycling, but buying recycled products as well. The team used the money they raised to buy and plant trees in their community.

Team Impact members at a fair

The teens and their adult advisor won a trip to San Diego over Earth Day weekend that includes a Beluga Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego and a visit to the San Diego Zoo!

Team members: Caitlynn Turner, 17; Samantha Tibbs, 16; Brittany Getz, 17. Adult Advisor: Leigh Turner. Local Sponsor: Cincinnati Zoo. Team Blog.

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