7/25/2012 9:43:08 PM

Siku at 35 Weeks

Siku is now 8 months and weighs 60 kg (132 pounds).

When Siku gets up in the morning, he gets 500 ml of milk in a bowl, and he gets the same just before we go to bed. During the day he eats 700 grams of cow heart three times, so that amounts to 2.1 kg of cow heart per day! On top of that he gets the occasional apple, and he still gets a little bit of dog food. Even though he eats a lot, and still gains several pounds a week, he is always interested in eating. Polar bears cubs have a very high drive for food, and we don't give him all that he can eat, because he doesn't need to be as roly-poly as he could be. But the apples are really good for filling his stomach without putting too much weight on him.

Siku's energy level is different from day to day. Sometimes he will play most of the day, and other times he will sleep more. One of Siku's favorite games right now is lying on his back with a piece of wood, balancing it on his paws and biting it. Other days it will be rolling in the grass, pushing around his logs, and on warm days, he just loves swimming around in his little pond, playing with his logs.

Some days he plays a game that he loves, but we don't love as much. He pushes small pieces of wood, grass, and other objects he can find, into the water pipe where the water is running out. You can sometimes see him trying to put one of his big logs in there! Luckily he doesn't have a log that fits, but we often have to pull smaller objects out of the pipe, so the water will run out again. Polar bear cubs really are great fun. They are so imaginative and full of games.

These weeks are our busiest in the whole year, with a lot of guests visiting the park, and we are so proud of how Siku is taking all the extra noise and commotion around his enclosure. He doesn't seem to notice that there are more people around; he still just sleeps and plays whenever he feels like it. This tells us that he's as healthy, confident, and secure as ever.

Siku's wish is to reduce your carbon footprint to save his wild cousins. Ready to help? Visit our Take Action! page. Photos copyright SÌüren Koch.

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