4/6/2012 6:54:58 PM

Siku at 19 Weeks

Little Siku is growing up! He now weighs 24 kg (53 pounds). He drinks milk five times a day and two times a day he receives dog food with a very high meat content.

He drinks the milk from big syringes that we give him through the bars. He sucks the milk out of the syringe. We have moved outside of his enclosure during feeding because he gets very excited, and with the bars between us we can feed him more calmly and safely.

 Siku splashing in the water

Siku is beginning to swim more and more, but he still doesn't swim that much. He will start soon though.

He has been visiting the enclosure he will be in when the park opens on April 28th, and we have tried having people walk by. He is doing very well with that, and people visiting the park will really enjoy watching him.

He is doing really well with the adult polar bears on the other side of the fence. He is getting more and more comfortable around them, and they are also getting more used to him. He still needs the support from us in his encounters, and we will be there to support him as long as he needs it.

Siku is getting more active and we have him outside several hours during the day. He still sleeps a lot though. He takes several naps during the day and he sleeps through the night. When he is outside he is under constant observation. When he is inside sleeping, he is in a safe environment and we are close by.

This report is by Janne, one of Siku's three caregivers at Scandinavian Wildlife Park. Siku's wish is to reduce your carbon footprint to help save his wild cousins. You can watch him on the Siku Cam daily at explore.org and our My Planet, My Part page. Ready to help? Visit our Take Action! page. Photo copyright SÌüren Koch.

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