11/6/2012 12:41:01 AM

Siku at 11 Month, Two Weeks

Siku is now 11 months and two weeks old.

The park closed two weeks ago and that has meant some changes in Siku's daily routine. First of all he is not going to the enclosure where the guests saw him anymore. He is in the other enclosure right next to the big bears day and night. The first day he thought it was a bit weird not going through the gate in the morning, and also people were working around his enclosure, getting the webcams ready for the Siku Cam. But already the next day he was acting like staying in that enclosure had been part of his routine always, and it isn't new to him either. Before we opened the park to the public in April, he spent all day in that enclosure. We moved a lot of his favorite toys over and there are always adult bears around to look at, which Siku loves to do.

We stopped sleeping in the caravan, meaning that Siku only has people around him during the day if work needs to be done around his enclosure. He has taken this extremely well, and doesn't even seem to notice when people come and go.

We feed him two times a day now and each time he gets 1 kg of cow heart and a leg from a cow calf. The latter means that he is busy most of the day, because he needs to work to the get the meat. That means he is now eating about 3.5 kg of meat every day, and he still gets a little bit of dog food and the occasional apple.

We will also start modifying the bottom half of his enclosure. It's being rebuilt so that guests next year will come and see Siku in a whole new setting. This means that his enclosure needs to be divided in two, and on the Siku Cam you will soon begin to see the changes that are being made. First of all there will be built a fence through the enclosure. While that is being built, Siku will be visiting one of our other polar bear enclosures, giving him a lot to explore, but he will of course be back in time for the Siku Cam.

Siku's wish is to reduce your carbon footprint to save his wild cousins. Ready to help? Visit our Take Action! page. Photos copyright SÌüren Koch.

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