Polar Bears International

3/2/2011 2:15:00 PM

Signs of Spring: Maternal Den Study Blog

Polar bear mothers and cubs will soon emerge from their snow dens ... and a PBI research team, led by Dr. Tom Smith, has traveled to Alaska's North Slope to record activity at the den site with hidden cameras. After months in the den, mother polar bears roll in the snow to clean their coats and young cubs, still wobbly and new on their paws, frolick in the snow. The study will help set guidelines to prevent polar bear families from being disturbed by industrial activity.

Here's a video on this vulnerable period in the polar bear's life cycle. Also check out the blog and photos from our research team in the field. So far, they've set up cameras at two den sites—and the wait for moms and cubs to pop up from their dens is on.

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