We're excited and ready for Polar Bear Week and Tundra Connections! Are you?

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10/15/2013 9:47:09 PM

Polar Bear Week and Tundra Connections

As the annual migration of polar bears gather along the shores of Hudson Bay, we at Polar Bears International join them. The bears are waiting for the bay to freeze so they can get offshore to hunt, and we are providing programming to educate people on the plight of polar bears in a changing climate, and to inspire YOU to take action.

Every year, Polar Bear Week takes place during this time. During Polar Bear Week, we focus on how longer ice-free seasons are straining the limits of the bears' fat reserves, threatening their survival.

This year's event is November 4-10. It's the perfect time to contact your elected officials and speak up in favor of action on climate change to help polar bears and the planet. In addition, we invite you to do your part to preserve the conditions on Earth that have allowed humans to flourish by buying locally, buying less, and supporting climate friendly companies.

There's something to do each day of the week. We hope you'll join us!

Tundra Connections® also takes place during the bear migration. You're invited to meet and talk with some of the world's foremost authorities on polar bears and climate change during our free web broadcasts. Big names. With big stories. And big bears just outside.

We'll be specializing for a variety of audiences—from school-age kids to business leaders. Find out which webcast is right for you by perusing our full schedule then register now

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