Taking action on climate change is surprisingly affordable, according to a new U.N. report.

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4/14/2014 9:38:26 PM

Pennies Today for a Planet Tomorrow?

The latest U.N. report on climate change emphasizes that man-made warming is already having impacts far beyond the Arctic—and we must do everything we can to avoid a catastrophic future.

Sobering news, indeed. But a related report on mitigation offers hope: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the levels needed is not only possible, but surprisingly inexpensive.

In fact, GDP would drop by only 0.06 percent over the next century.

"It does not cost the world to save the planet," said economist Ottmar Edenhofer, one of the report's co-chairs. "The report outlines the challenges, but it provides hope—modest hope."

Our executive director, Krista Wright, says that the new reports validate PBI's focus on climate change through programs, partnerships, and outreach.

"We can't afford to waste a single second," she says. "We remain dedicated to solving the climate crisis, which will help polar bears and countless other species."

This work includes:

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