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5/25/2012 1:57:49 PM

Our Polar Bear Forest Grows!

Milwaukee Zoo's Party for the Planet

The Milwaukee Zoo, part of our Arctic Ambassador Center network, recently held a tree-planting day as part of the zoo's Party for the Planet celebration. They set a goal of planting 200 trees to reduce CO2 and help polar bears survive in the wild! Each visitor received a seedling to plant in a designated area to create the zoo's own Polar Bear Forest®.

Zoo guests planting trees

This year, the event focused on polar bear conservation. Zoo guests could play the polar bear migration game where they were given a tracking collar (paper wrist band) that transformed them into a polar bear. During their "migration" around the zoo, they stopped at different stations where they learned about the polar bear's plight. One stop was an Acres for the Atmosphere tree-planting event. Zoo visitors helped plant 200 trees over the course of two days in spite of the 90 degree heat! Planting trees helps to clear the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and slows down global warming.

Young visitor planting a tree

Members of the Milwaukee Zoo AAZK Chapter planted the tree they won for being the top-fundraiser in the AAZK Trees for You & Me competition. They're shown below with Robert Buchanan of PBI.

 Robert Buchanan at Milwaukee Zoo

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