10/24/2010 2:10:20 PM

My Favorite Things Photo Contest Winners

Migrating Butterflies - Contest Winner

We live in an amazing, yet fragile world. That message was brought home by the images received in the My Favorite Things Photo Contest co-sponsored by Lowepro and PBI. More than 4,000 entries from 80 countries poured in for the compeitition. A gathering of butterflies, night fishing in Southeast Asia, and a caravan of camels are among the ten finalist photographs.

Each of the winning images represents the contest's mission: to draw attention to wildlife and ecosystems threatened by climate change and to celebrate the planet's treasures through photography.

The grand prize honor went to Buchachon Petthanya from Bangkok, Thailand for his vivid portrait of migrating butterflies. He will receive a Frontiers North's Tundra Buggy® Adventure for two to observe polar bears in their natural habitat in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada in November of 2010. His experiences will be posted on Lowepro's website and blog later this fall.

First and second runner-up prizes were awarded to Yilmaz Dincer of Bursa, Turkey and Tao Zhang of Liaoning Province, China. To view these images, plus eight others from honorable mention winners, visit the My Favorite Things Photo Contest page on Lowepro's web site.

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