3/14/2011 1:16:40 PM

International Monitoring Plan for Polar Bears

Our chief scientist, Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, recently attended a meeting of 22 scientists, managers, and community leaders from the five polar bear nations (Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia, and the U.S.) to develop an international monitoring plan for polar bears.

Now, more than ever, nations must coordinate their efforts, said workshop organizer Dag Vongraven from the Norwegian Polar Institute.

"Arctic ecosystems are changing rapidly and will continue to do so," he said. "Monitoring polar bears is a considerable challenge that will require substantial resources."

"To be successful, we must focus and prioritize circumpolar monitoring efforts and work together across national boundaries," he added. "Doing so is essential to better coordinate our assessment efforts, further our understanding, and convey the information needed to conserve and manage this remarkable species."

Participants were selected based on their expertise with polar bears and/or monitoring.

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