5/23/2012 2:39:04 PM

IMAX "To The Arctic" Having an Impact

A loving moment between a mother and cubNow here's good news share: an independent survey of people who watched the IMAX® film, To The Arctic, shows they left the theater inspired to take action.

  • 60% of survey respondents said after seeing To The Arctic 3D, they accessed websites, literature or something else to learn more about changes to the Arctic
  • 86% said "probably yes/definitely yes" when asked if seeing To The Arctic would impact the way they would vote on environmental issues in the future
  • 88% said "strongly yes/ somewhat yes" that they have been, or plan to be more environmentally sensitive about the decisions they make in their everyday life

PBI served as an educational partner on the film. Our chief scientist, Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, contributed as an advisor, and we partnered with MacGillivray Freeman Films to produce the To The Arctic Curriculum Guide for educators, with lesson plans on the Arctic, polar bears, a warming world, and how we each can help.

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