7/7/2011 1:28:41 PM

Ice Report on Western Hudson Bay

Going, going, almost gone. The latest analysis of sea ice in Hudson Bay by the Canadian Ice Service is another reminder that the situation is dire. As of July 2nd, the Hudson Bay area had about 18% ice cover, compared with an average of 43% for this time of year (the average for this date for 1979-2000), it tells anyone willing to look that things are going the wrong way for polar bears and their ecosystem. The blue bars in the chart below represent this year's coverage; the green line is the average.

Ice chart 7-4-11

The missing ice in Hudson Bay is only too apparent when you look at this map: the red areas are "missing" ice compared to the average. The darker the red, the more ice is missing.

July Sea Ice Extent

By Dr. Andrew Derocher, University of Alberta. Charts by Canadian Ice Service.

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