4/22/2012 2:04:05 PM

Conservation Crew: Top-scoring Project Polar Bear Team!

The Conservation Crew from Oregon took top honors in our Project Polar Bear Contest, winning a trip to Churchill, Manitoba, during the polar bear migration for team members and their adult advisor!

Conservation Crew team members

The team focused their efforts in five main areas: first, they worked tirelessly to educate and inspire elementary students to make changes at home to reduce CO2. After giving a presentation, they provided each student with a worksheet to keep track of changes.The team followed up with the students to record results and celebrate successes.

Two team members giving a presentation

Second, they worked with local businesses to bring recycling programs into offices where they didn't already exist, ensuring success by connecting them with a free recycling program. Third, they inspired over 20 restaurants to take part in Fork it Over, a local organization that helps restaurants and cafeterias partner with homeless shelters to give their leftover food to the needy.

Conservation crew after meeting with restaurants

They also met with their high school's counselor and janitor to look at the school's waste and energy audits to determine how to tmake the school more earth-friendly. And, finally, team members made changes in their daily habits to reduce their carbon footprint, from holding their meetings by Skype to save carbon emissions to walking or biking when possible or car-pooling.

Genevieve Warner, 17; Lindsey Sadlou, 17; Jonathan O'Neil 14. Adult Advisor: Amanda Greenvoss. Local Sponsor: Oregon Zoo. Team Blog.


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