4/16/2012 8:43:29 PM

Cats for Cubs, Featured Project Polar Bear Team

Be active! Small changes can make a large impact! That's the guiding principle the Cats for Cubs team used in launching a sustainable recycling program at their school in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The team set out to show students at their school, Springfield High, that recycling and other changes can add up to a large environmental impact. They started their project by presenting to some of the head school officials in the community to teach them about the polar bears and the issues they face. Their successful presentations led to support for placing paper recycling bins in approximately 200 classrooms and offices.

In addition to meeting with school officials, the team also gave presentations to a number of freshman and sophomore classes. And to ensure that the program will carry on after they graduate, they recruited 25 freshman "Cats" to join as volunteers for the project. Many other students signed on to support the project goal as well.

Not only was the team able to reach students in higher grades, but they did a number of presentations to younger grade levels. At their school alone, they recycled two tons of paper, adding to a reduction of 6,328.35 pounds of C02!

Team Members: Andria Thompson, Marisa Biles, and Andrew Young, all 16. Adult Advisor: Rachel Sanders. Regional sponsor: Cincinnati Zoo. 

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