9/19/2012 1:40:00 PM

Biking for Bears

September is Bike Commute Challenge Month and Hunter Veenenam of the Louisville Zoo, one of our Climate Alliance graduates, is using the opportunity draw attention to the "Biking for Bears" alternative transportation effort started by Philip Fensterer of the Oregon Zoo, a fellow graduate.

"As part of the Biking for Bears campaign, I'm traveling around the city to show how bicycle friendly it is—and how easy it can be to use bikes in the urban environment," Hunter says. "To date I've appeared on three TV spots encouraging the public about ways to reduce CO2, stay healthy, and improve our community."

It's easy to spot Hunter in his distinctive Polar Bears International bike jersey, designed by Philip. And the polar bear motif is a natural entry point to talking about how biking can help reduce CO2.

Hunter invites all of you to join him. In support of his efforts, the Louisville Zoo Youth Board has purchased a new 28-bike rack for the Zoo, which effectively triple the current bike parking area!

Several zoo chapters with Climate Alliance graduates have signed up for the Bike Commute Challenge. They include the Oregon Zoo and Lincoln Park. Kudos to them all!

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