8/13/2013 6:42:02 PM

Bears: A Global Perspective

Oh, wow! Have you seen the July/August 2013 issue of Bare Essentials magazine? The Special Edition is a visual treat filled with spectacular images of polar bears and their wild cousins. It shares the perspective of photographers, explorers, scientists, and those dedicated to the conservation of bears and their habitats worldwide.

In addition to fascinating insights on other bear species, the issue focuses on the polar bear's plight in warming world. It includes articles by polar bear scientists Andrew Derocher, Ian Stirling, and Geoff York—and it highlights PBI's Save Our Sea Ice campaign.

As a conservation partner with Bare Essentials, we're proud to share the magazine with our readers. You can view a free digital version or download the magazine's free app from iTunes. The magazine produces e-versions only in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of printing and conserve resources. We say: way to go!

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