Lit by the sun, a lone polar bear strides across the sea ice

The Western Hudson Bay polar bears are back on the sea ice, where they can hunt their seal prey again after months of living off their fat reserves.

© Kt Miller/Polar Bears International

11/20/2018 3:13:13 PM

Back on the Sea Ice!

By Tara Kramer, Operations Manager

Plunging temperatures gave Churchill’s polar bears a timely return to the sea ice this year—a happy departure from the freeze-up delays of some recent years. As the bears fanned across the ice to hunt seals, conservation officers released the remaining few from the town’s holding facility, wrapping up weeks of dedication to keeping polar bears and people safe.

We're grateful for the return of the ice and know you'll join us in wishing the bears a long and productive seal-hunting season.

Winding down

Our last week of Tundra Connections webcasts took place in true polar bear weather, with blustery winds and near white-out conditions. If you missed our live broadcasts, you'll find links to the archives here.

Even as polar bear sightings dwindle, we’ll continue to air live cam footage from Cape Churchill and Buggy One, including spectacular views of the aurora borealis and shooting stars on our Northern Lights Cam. 

Countdown to #GivingTuesday

As we wrap up our fall programs and continue with our research and outreach efforts, we want to thank you for making it all possible—and to remind you that #GivingTuesday is just one week away, on November 27th! This year, we’ve set a goal of $12,000 and 178 donors.

We hope you’ll help us meet our goal. And, as our way of saying thanks, we plan to give to you, too: Each of our #GivingTuesday donors will be entered into a drawing for one of our new twin cub adoptions

Thank you for journeying with me to Churchill this fall—and for all you do for polar bear conservation!

Prior to joining the staff of Polar Bears International, Tara spent nearly a decade working in field operations for the U.S. Polar Programs at remote research sites in Greenland and Antarctica. She studied writing at the University of Iowa and has a reverence for the vast polar ecosystems.

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