The campaign in partnership with Polar Bears International raises awareness about the impacts of melting sea ice on polar bear populations.

© Downs Matthews/Polar Bears International

2/17/2017 12:29:53 PM

Where’s the Bear? New Polar Bear Ice® Vodka Campaign Raises Awareness

Canadian vodka company Polar Ice® Vodka has launched limited edition bottles across Canada this month with one big change – the iconic polar bear is missing from the label.

As part of the countdown to International Polar Bear Day on February 27th, each bottle includes a “Where’s the Bear?” hang tag that provides information on the threats facing wild polar bears and how we each can help.

“We’re grateful to Polar Ice for supporting our conservation efforts and focusing attention on the impacts of sea ice loss on polar bears,” said Krista Wright, Polar Bears International’s executive director. “The ‘Bearless Bottle’ is a fun, memorable campaign that asks: Can you imagine a world without polar bears? Will you do what you can to help? These questions are especially meaningful in Canada, which is home to about two-thirds of polar bears worldwide.”

The campaign brings home the message that if we don’t #saveoursea, the bears will be missing from more than just the limited edition bottles.

“As a truly Canadian brand whose hero is the polar bear, it felt natural for us to partner with Polar Bears International and raise awareness about the dangers affecting the habitats of these majestic animals," says Kim Creighton, brand manager of White Spirits. "Our goal is to encourage consumers to learn more about the pressing threats of climate change, and join us in getting involved – ensuring the species will be around for generations to come." 

The Limited Edition “Bearless” Bottles for Polar Ice® Vodka and Polar Ice® 90° North™ Vodka are currently available across Canada, excluding Quebec and Saskatchewan. 

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