10/2/2014 4:50:39 PM

We're Baaaaack!

A spectrum of orange covers the landscape, like luminous sawdust frosting the earth. The larch trees accentuate the moon like pools where the boreal forest ends and tundra begins. Craters stretch across the empty land. True wilderness. It genuinely takes your breath away, causing pause, a needed break in today's brisk world.

The first of the PBI staff has arrived in Churchill to prepare for the 2014 polar bear season. The chill in the wind hints that winter is approaching fast, but the warmth of summer still clings to the colorful earth. Returning to Churchill has a unique nostalgia. I feel all at once that I'm thrilled to return to such a special place, overwhelmed by the tasks ahead (no matter how prepared we may be), and as if I've returned home, to a second home, a community and place that I hold a unique fondness for.

We rolled out onto the tundra yesterday to begin setting up the Tundra Buggy® Lodge. It will be from here, and Tundra Buggy® One, that we will reach hundreds of thousands of people to share the plight of the polar bears LIVE as they wait for the return of the sea ice (the platform from which they hunt seals.) As we venture out to Polar Bear Point, we see a mother and two cubs in the distance, snoozing away in the willows. They are barely more than a speck, even through binoculars. I find it wild how distance can make something so large appear so small.  

I've had a handful of nightmares about polar bears since I was here last. I revere their power and sheer size. Can you imagine something on all fours as high as you are tall? And to think, we, small humans that we are, have such an immense ability to impact their fate.

Join us this season in Churchill. Share the actions you are taking to be an environmentally responsible citizen, watch the Polar Bear Cam, tune into Tundra Connections, and talk about what is happening with those around you. Together we are an army and have the ability to initiate change. Together we can #SaveOurSeaIce (... and help polar bears too).

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