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11/1/2015 2:43:31 PM

Week Three Dispatch from Churchill - Polar Bear Week!

By Madison Stevens 

After a warm week, the tundra colors are now blanketed in snow and the bears seem to have gotten the memo that it's Polar Bear Week! Out on the tundra curious bears are showing some buggy love (standing up to look in the buggy windows at awed visitors).

They've also been showing up all over town in the last few days, making us thankful for Churchill's Polar Bear Alert Program, which keeps both people and polar bears safer by minimizing human-bear conflict. 

So what's going on as part of our Polar Bear Week celebration?

Our live cam of the migration continues and we invite you to make a Polar Bear Week pledge. Also, after a great first set of Tundra Connections® webcasts, we're excited to begin this week's series in partnership with explore.org and AZA. The theme is Polar Bear Week: From Polar Bears to People.

The first two webcasts will focus on strategies for addressing climate change and how we can communicate science and policy to the general public, including faith-based audiences. We'll wrap up the week with a fun webcast about polar bears in pop culture, highlighting polar bear icons from around the world. 

The Polar Bears to People webcasts will feature climate scientist and faith-based communicator Katharine Hayhoe, PBI staff scientists Steve Amstrup and Geoff York, policy expert Marc-AndrÌ© Dubois, climate lawyer Kassie Siegel, polar bear scientist Andrew Derocher, and wildlife biologist and educator Donald Moore

We'll also have more informal live chats this week, so you can ask questions and our panelists can share their thoughts on the SAFE wildlife program, COP21 and climate policy, and Polar Bear Week.

Here is this week's broadcast schedule in a nutshell:

  • Sunday, November 1st (11:30am Central Time - for AZA and other climate communicators) - THE CHALLENGES OF COMMUNICATING CLIMATE CHANGE - Webcast
  • Sunday, November 1st (2:00 pm Central Time) - FAITH AND STEWARDSHIP - FROM POLAR BEARS TO PEOPLE - Webcast
  • Tuesday, November 3rd (11:00am Central Time) - KEEPING WILDLIFE SAFE - Live chat
  • Tuesday, November 3rd (1:30pm Central Time) - POLAR BEAR POLICY - ACTION THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE - Webcast
  • Wednesday, November 4th (12:00pm Central Time) - POLAR BEARS IN (POP) CULTURE - Webcast
  • Wednesday, November 4th (2:30pm Central Time) - POLAR BEARS IN BERETS - Live chat
  • Friday, November 6th (11:00am Central Time) - POLAR BEAR WEEK - Live chat

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