Three male polar bears hunker down to conserve energy while waiting for the sea ice to return. Others prowl the shore.

© Madison Stevens/Polar Bears International

11/16/2015 7:22:10 PM

Week Five Dispatch from Churchill: Still Waiting for Ice

Though the rush of bear season activity in Churchill is starting to wind down, the bears themselves are sticking around a little longer. Last week's first spurs of sea ice were not to last. Warmer weather and southwesterly winds have delayed the freeze up, leaving the bears to prowl the shoreline hungrily, anxious for the weather to turn. 

Fortunately for the Western Hudson Bay bears, an abnormally late break-up of the ice pack this summer allowed them to hunt later into the season than usual. Those few extra pounds of fat may make all the difference for some bears if the warm weather persists. 

This week Polar Bears International will be wrapping up the majority of our fall operations here in Churchill, packing up and getting things stored for the winter, but a few programs are ongoing: 

  • Our Polar Bear Cams are still running live from the Tundra Buggy Lodge while the bears wait for the ice. Also check out our Northern Lights Cam to see some of the aurora activity at night, and tune in during the day for a resident gyrfalcon.  
  • Use our Bear Tracker to follow collared females from the Western Hudson Bay population. We're tracking a few new bears this year, so be sure to see what they're up to! Also, some Southern Hudson Bay bears will go live soon. 

With a cold snap forecast for later this week, we hope the bears can soon break their long fast. As we conclude another set of exciting fall programs, we are deeply thankful for your continued support and engagement!  

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