4/10/2013 2:36:30 PM

Wednesday Shout-Outs {School Gardens}

It's time for our (mostly) weekly shout-outs.

Each Wednesday we are featuring individuals and groups who are working hard to fight climate change and save polar bears. We are celebrating people determined to help change the world through one action at a time.

This week's shout-out is our "garden edition."

• In Cincinnati, Ohio, they are taking school gardens to another level: the roof! This summer, work starts on the Rothenberg Rooftop Garden School--the brain child of Over-the-Rhine Foundation. With a stream of collaborative partners, OTR Foundation is managing the funding and establishment of this first-in-the-area rooftop garden school.

The Rothenberg Rooftop Garden School will educate and influence up to 550 Rothenberg School children annually into the future, as well as their families, teachers, school administrators and OTR community members. Over the projected 30-year lifetime of the garden it's estimated that 16,500 or more underserved inner-city children and their families will be educated and served. This project has the enthusiastic support of Cincinnati Public Schools as well as Rothenberg Academy's principal. All eagerly anticipate teaching and learning in the Rooftop Garden.

• Granny's School Garden in Loveland, Ohio, is one of the largest and most comprehensive school garden programs in the U. S. The program at Loveland Primary and Elementary Schools has more than 100 vegetable gardens, loads of flower gardens, a ½ mile long nature trail, and an apple orchard provide a plant based environmental education program to all of Loveland's 1,650 first-fourth grade students (24 lessons per school year).

Granny's Garden started with an all-volunteer effort in 2003, and has grown to employ eleven staff members (nine are part-time/seasonal - the equivalent of about five full time people). They still depend on hundreds of hours of volunteer time to sustain the programs, but their efforts are a great example of what a motivated, grassroots effort can accomplish. 

If you know of anyone who deserves a shout-out, let us know!

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