4/3/2013 12:23:01 PM

Wednesday Shout-Outs {Polar Bear Sculptures, Bear Photos at Google, Fourth Grade Solar Projects}

It's time for our (mostly) weekly shout-outs.

Each Wednesday we are featuring several people who are working hard to fight climate change and save polar bears.

• Sculptor Laura Santini recently created a polar bear out of oyster shells. The sculpture, titled "Xtinct," highlights the fragility and strength of endangered species. The piece was a part of the Inuit Modern exhibition at the McCord Museum in Montreal and is currently showcased at the IBM corporate offices in Montreal.

• The walls at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California are a little wilder now. Fourteen images from photographer Daniel J. Cox's Arctic Documentary Project are on display at the Internet search engine giant. Cox directs the Arctic Documentary Project for PBI. The Arctic Documentary Project intends to capture in words, pictures, and moving images the rapid transformation taking place in the Arctic today. The goal in producing these multimedia materials is not just to preserve the images for posterity, but to inspire action.

• For one fourth grade class in North Carolina, learning about alternative energy isn't just a matter of reading and talking about something that happens 'out there' somewhere, it's also about bringing some of it inside their own classroom. And they used Kickstarter to make it happen. Aaron Sebens' class, in Durham, NC, has been exploring different aspects of energy, and found that they were really excited about the promise of solar energy, so they set a goal of trying to set up a solar panel system for their classroom.

If you know of anyone who deserves a shout-out, let us know!


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