6/19/2013 1:34:31 PM

Wednesday Shout Outs {Ice Ice Savers, Polar Bear Club, Energy Challenge, School Pledges, Dr. Ian Stirling}

It's time for our (mostly) weekly shout-outs.

On Wednesdays we feature individuals and groups who are working hard to fight climate change and save polar bears. We celebrate people determined to help change the world through their actions and can-do attitudes.

  • We start with a big hurrah to the Ice, Ice Savers—winners of our Project Polar Bear Contest. Buoyed by the success of their reusable bottle campaign, the 14-member team from South Allegheny Elementary School in Port Vue, Pennsylvania, used their $750 prize money to buy paper-recycling bins for each classroom in their school. They also arranged for a plastics-recycling bin to be placed in the school's parking lot for use by local residents—a bin that quickly fills! And they continue to think big, with a goal of expanding to other district schools and municipal buildings.
  • High fives also to the Polar Bear Club at Barcroft Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia. The club began when two first grade sisters, Susan and Elizabeth Rotherham, proposed the idea to their principal. It now meets every Monday with over 70 members in all six grades! The students used some of PBI's educational tools to learn about polar bears, their environment, and how each of us can help. They also held a fundraiser to help support our efforts on behalf of the bears, raising $460 with their Movie and a Snack event. They plan to continue the club next year.
  • Leadership Camp grad Stephanie Kappel and her family took our Green House Energy Challenge and managed to achieve impressive reductions through actions like powering down their computers when not in use, line-drying sheets, and unplugging electronics that suck "vampire energy." You can read her two-part blog series about her family's adventures here.
  • Dr. Ian Stirling, one of our longtime scientific advisors, was awarded honorary doctorates by two universities, the University of Alberta and University of British Columbia, in recognition of his groundbreaking research with polar bears and commitment to conservation.
  • Carrie Chandler Hawthorne, one of our Leadership Camp grads, was pleased to see action pledges to help polar bears on a classroom bulletin board during a return visit to a high school where she's given talks on polar bears and climate change before.

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