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Wednesday Shout-Outs {February 6, 2013}

It's time for our (mostly) weekly shout-outs. Each Wednesday we are featuring several people who are working hard to fight climate change and save polar bears.

• We recently received this inspirational letter:

"I am six years old and in kindergarten. Each year, I give 10% of my earnings from my recycling business to a cause. This will be my third year supporting the polar bears. I am happy that my mom found an organization that is only focused on polar bears. This year, I am donating $101.75 to your organization. 

"My mom wants to say something, 'My son Xan gives 10% of his money to a cause. He keeps a money bag and every now and then, we divide the money bag into money jars. He has four jars: investor, giver, saver, and playful. He puts 30% of his earnings in his investor jar, 10% into giver, 20% into saver, and 20% into playful. That leaves an extra 20% to put in whatever jar he chooses. He just decided to put the $44 extra he had to the giver jar, increasing his support of the polar bear. He then took another $25 out of his playful jar (he uses this money to buy toys) and put it into his giver jar so that he could give even more money for the polar bears. I am so happy that we found an organization that exclusively supports the polar bear. Thank you for existing.'"

• Kids really want to help. Check out the essay below from another young polar bear enthusiast, Van Horvath.

• Joe Cook, a PBI Leadership Camp facilitator and Grand Prize-winning Milwaukee County Zoo Project Polar Bear team leader, was chosen as a recipient of the 2013 Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW) Outstanding Achievement in Education Award. Due to his efforts, through his advisory role with the high school Earth Club, recycling was taken to a whole new level in the Sparta (Wisconsin) School District and the community at-large. Because of his influence and devotion to recycling, recycling has been elevated to a city"wide effort.

• 2012 was the warmest on record in the United States, and the first full year for the Louisville Zoo's Glacier Run, which warranted a story on the local news channel. Kentucky's Louisville Zoo uses the exhibit to address climate change head on. Glacier Run is a recreation of an actual Canadian fishing village, Churchill, Manitoba. The exhibit includes a model of a receding glacier in Glacier National Park to bring climate change, home. "As there are more and more of us we need to learn how to live in balance with the precious resources of this planet better and better all the time," said John Walczak, the Louisville Zoo Director. The zoo in also one of PBI's Arctic Ambassador Centers.

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