Rachael Hoggarth (middle) ran a marathon in the UK to raise funds to support Polar Bears International's work.

© Courtesy of Rachael Hoggarth

4/27/2016 4:26:54 PM

Wednesday Shout Out {Running for Polar Bears}

Would you do something you really didn’t like to benefit polar bears? Rachael Hoggarth of Manchester, England did. In fact, she ran a marathon to raise funds to support our work for polar bears.

“It was horrendous and I hated every minute of it but the only thing that kept me going was the polar bears,” Hoggarth said.  

Hoggarth ran the marathon with two friends who spurred her on and reminded her what she was running for.

While Hoggarth loves all animals, she said, “Polar bears are my favorite for the simple reason than I think they are cute, magnificent, and intriguing and it’s a travesty that they face extinction purely at the hands of us.”

In addition to burning her own energy for bears, Hoggarth makes sure she cuts down on external energy use. Climate change and subsequent loss of the polar bear’s sea ice habitat is the primary threat to polar bears.

“I do my bit (to mitigate) climate change by unplugging everything. I got rid of my dryer; I walk where I can instead of driving; I don't use aerosols; I recycle everything, and never use plastic bags! Whilst I appreciate there's more I can do—I’m definitely committed to improving—but we all have to start somewhere. My marathon was the start of many more fundraisers to hopefully do a bit more!"

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