The "Polar Bear Girls" from Phillippi Shores IB World School.

© Lisa Stephen

5/6/2015 2:38:29 PM

{Wednesday Shout Out} Project Polar Bear & Florida Second Grade

We have a lot of shouting to do this week! 

First, big congratulations to our two top-scoring teams in our Project Polar Bear contest:

  • Lideres Great White Polar Bears from Sanchez Charter School, Texas

They started a recycling program at their local high school and middle school, inspiring students to actively recycle. They did so by promoting participation through a bulletin board, surveys, and flyers. They also created unique recycling crates made from recycled materials. Going forward, the students are working toward more community involvement in their project and plan to spark interest in recycling at the elementary school.

  • Chosen Frozen Squad from South Allegheny Elementary, Pennsylvania

The team designed and sold shirts with their slogan "Be There For The Bear" in their elementary school. Through posters, creative fundraising, presentations, and handouts of locally produced candy bars wrapped with conservation tips, they got their message out to the community. They re-purposed plastic bottles to use as planters and are collecting recipes to create a cookbook that highlights local companies to create meals.

Project Polar Bear challenges young leaders to develop community projects that reduce the carbon dioxide load in the atmosphere—especially those that engage and sustain community action.

Our second shout-out goes to a second grade class in Florida.

Their teacher, Lisa Stephen wrote,

"This adoption was a school wide effort. One of my students, Olivia Garber, decided to take action after reading a homework article about how polar bears homes were disappearing and that they were in danger. She came to school with a plan, and from there our Pennies for Polar Bears campaign started.

"Being an I.B. (International Baccalaureate) School we encourage students to take action to help others around the world. Our campaign began on International Polar Bear Day and ran through to Earth Day. Olivia and a friend, Juliana Boatwright, appeared on our school news weekly to update students on their fundraising efforts. They lovingly became known as the Polar Bear Girls across campus. The girls also informed students of ways they could help at home by powering down, conserving water, and turning down the thermostat. The girls researched all about Polar Bears and checked out books from our media center. They created posters to display around our campus to encourage others to conserve energy whenever possible.

"Our class became known as Polar Bear Central as students dropped off donations and asked questions about how they could help. Thanks to your wonderful organization we were able to bring awareness to over 740 students! The students in my class decided to raise $400 so that they could "adopt" a polar bear in each category. We decided to adopt "Twin Cubs," "Mother and Cub," and "Cub of the Year."

"The students in my class decided that we would display our certificates in the front office. They also made cards to thank ALL of our sponsors (which were many) and I was even able to find stuffed polar bears for each student in my class so that they would remember this wonderful project. Thank you for all that you do to educate children on how to help polar bears." 

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