Polar Bear Air Conditioning and Heating in Washington D.C. raised money and awareness on International Polar Bear Day. They presented the check to PBI's Barbara Nielsen.

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3/16/2016 7:23:10 PM

{Wednesday Shout Out} Polar Bear Air Conditioning and LA Kids

This week we give a shout out to a company and three kids who are using their individual talents and assets to make a difference for polar bears and their sea ice habitat.

For International Polar Bear Day, Polar Bear Air Conditioning and Heating in Washington D.C. placed ads encouraging local residents to take part in Polar Bears International's Thermostat Challenge. In addition to getting people to use less energy, the company donated $5 for each "like" on their Facebook page, up to $5,000.

This week, PBI's director of communications, Barbara Nielsen, picked up the check.

"It was great to meet the folks with Polar Bear Air Conditioning and Heating to thank them in person for their generosity," said Nielsen. "In addition to their donation, we love that they encouraged D.C. residents to take the Thermostat Challenge."

Polar Bear Air Conditioning and Heating will continue working for their namesake bruin.

"They also plan to take part in our Energy Challenge during Polar Bear Week in the fall," Nielsen said. "We couldn't ask for better partners in polar bear conservation."

It's not just companies that are working on polar bear and climate change issues. We recently received a letter from three sixth grade students from Los Angeles.

Maya, Kate, and Taylor told us about a fundraiser they held for PBI. They baked and sold over 110 cupcakes. In just over three hours, they raised $500 to support our work with polar bears.

In their letter, they wrote, "We are supposed to be experiencing El Nino right now, with lots of rain, wind, and cold to end our drought. Today, in Los Angeles, though, it was 75 degrees. We haven't had a lot of rain. Maybe two storms. Maybe. It's been very warm. We know this isn't good—for humans, for the planet, or for polar bears."

What a delicious way for these kids to make a difference for their favorite animals.

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