11/27/2013 4:31:08 AM

Wednesday Shout Out, November 27, 2013 {Bake Sale for Bears, Polar Bear Book, Tundra Connection Crafts}

On (most) Wednesdays we like to give a shout-out to people who are doing good in the world. We hear a lot of bad news on the global warming front, so it's nice to bring attention to the people who are working hard to shrink their carbon footprint and help polar bears.

• This email came in a couple weeks ago. "My daughter, Allie, and her friends Brooke, Julia, and Lara (all animal lovers!) decided one Saturday afternoon a few months ago that they wanted to hold a bake sale to raise money for polar bears. Thank you for your good work!" Thanks to Allie, Brooke, Julia, and Lara for their hard work.

• Thanks to help and inspiration from Brandon LaForest, ten-year-old Reed created an elaborate book about polar bears, their habitat, and the dangers they face from climate change. Brandon's research focuses on the feeding ecology of polar bears in the Southern Hudson Bay subpopulation, and he Skyped with Reed to help with the boy's research. Thanks for spreading the word, Reed! We've posted your book below.

• The kids at Queen Margaret's School on Vancouver Island tuned into our Tundra Connections webcasts this fall. In response they created the cute polar bear crafts you see below. They also added a few comments about what they learned from the webcast.

Let us know if you know someone who deserves a shout-out.

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