11/13/2013 6:53:22 PM

Wednesday Shout Out, November 13, 2013 {Tree Planting, Sustainability}

On (most) Wednesdays we like to give a shout-out to people who are doing good in the world. We hear a lot of bad news on the global warming front, so it's nice to bring attention to the people who are working hard to shrink their carbon footprint.

PBI Leadership Camp graduate, Karen Ogden, recently spearheaded a tree planting effort. Thanks to a grant from Polar Bears International and Roots & Shoots Korea, Nursery Road Elementary now has 15 new trees! They held a planting event and invited students, staff, and community out to plant trees and to learn how trees can help our environment.

By planting trees and involving the community they encouraged people to make small changes and hopefully they will add up to help the polar bears in the Arctic and other animals that are in peril due to environmental change. 

The Reaseheath Conservation Society at Reaseheath College in the UK took advantage of Polar Bear Week (last week) to draw attention to the need for sustainability on campus and in the community.

After presentations to more than 200 students, audience members each made a pledge regarding what actions they could do to help reduce their carbon footprint in order to help conserve polar bears and the planet. They wrote their pledges on scrap paper, which were collected and symbolically used as sea ice pieces to increase the polar bear's habitat.

Students generously donated their spare change into the donation boxes provided during the presentations. In total they managed to raise a fantastic amount of £75 that will be donated to Polar Bears International to support our efforts. 

Thanks for all you do to help polar bears!

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