9/3/2014 4:59:20 PM

{Wednesday Shout Out} Fundraising for Bears

On occasional Wednesdays, we like to give a shout out to people who are doing good things for polar bears. Today that shout goes to 11-year-old Morgan.

Morgan is concerned about climate change and polar bears and wanted to do something about it. She created a website and fundraising page to spread the word and raise money.

Morgan's Cool-It website shares information about polar bears and ideas for what we can do to help shrink our "carbon pawprint." On her fundraising site, she is raising money for Polar Bears International.

Morgan wrote, "Please help the polar bears, they are truly the animal of the Arctic. Through global warming, we are destroying these creatures' icy habitat. Humans are quickly endangering these unique bears. If we do not fight global warming, then we will not only drive polar bears in to extinction, but we will harm all animals. The way we can help is by changing our way of life to stop greenhouse gases, such as CO2, and methane gas, getting let out into the atmosphere. We are damaging the natural cycle of life that has been on earth since the beginning. We need everyone to participate in our cause to stop global warming.

"If we donate to Polar Bears International, researchers will help find a way to save the polar bears and other animals around the world. It is time to face this horrible truth, that we are putting all lives in jeopardy. If you want to save the earth, donate some money, because even the smallest amount helps us get closer to our goal. Thank you for helping, and please spread the word. Together, we can reverse the damage that we have done."

Keep up the good work, Morgan!

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