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12/11/2013 3:01:19 PM

Wednesday Shout Out, December 11, 2013 {Project Polar Bear, Ariel's Ark, School Fair Polar Bear}

On (most) Wednesdays we like to give a shout-out to people who are doing good in the world. We hear a lot of bad news on the global warming front, so it's nice to bring attention to the people who are working hard to shrink their carbon footprint and help polar bears.

• From composting to crafting ornaments out of magazine pages, to recycling, to sharing daily environmental facts with their school, our Project Polar Bear teams are off and running. Nearly 30 teams are working on projects for this year's contest. Project Polar Bear is a way for small teams of young people and groups/classrooms to collectively make a big difference! The bi-national contest challenges young leaders to develop community projects that reduce the carbon dioxide load in the atmosphere—especially those that engage and sustain community action. 

• We received a lovely post card from Ariel at Ariel's Ark. Ariel is a nineteen year old with a progressive genetic disease. She found great relief and reward working at her local zoo and from being around her pets. Her mom, Linn Marrero, wrote Ariel's Ark is "a page for her to showcase to others her love for animals and hopefully have other animal lovers share as well. So when she's not at the zoo working due to seizures or illness she's at Ariel's Ark telling everyone about her love of animals. Actually she's pretty much on there daily telling everyone of her love for animals and showing them pictures of her many friends. Animals have been a huge blessing and have made a huge difference in my daughter's life as they do to all people who truly appreciate them." Thanks for all you are doing to help animals, Ariel!

• An email recently arrived with this message: "My nine year old daughter loves polar bears! This year at the school fair she set up a table, completely on her own, with books, videos, posters, and a handout on how to help save the polar bears. While the other kids were playing at the fair, she was talking to people about saving the bears."

A big thanks to all the young people (and older ones, too) who are making a difference for polar bears!

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