12/30/2014 7:29:59 PM

{Wednesday Shout Out} Birthday Parties and Facebook Campaigns

We have two HUGE shout outs this week! We love hearing about people walking their talking and doing what they can to mitigate global warming and help polar bear.

Our first shout out proves you are never too young to make a difference in the world. We received this letter from Katie about her daughter, Isobel. 

"My soon to be six-year-old received a stuffed polar bear, Gus, for her first Christmas. She sleeps with him still and loves him more than anything. Having Gus has encouraged us to learn more about polar bears through the years and how to help them. We have made a lot of changes in our lives. I never would have thought to learn about stream ecology, other ways to conserve energy, powering down for a few hours, etc. We are vegetarians for animals but now we see how we are reducing our carbon footprint, too.

"When Isobel started Kindergarten this year, she had to make an educational presentation and immediately chose to bring Gus in and talk about global warming and how to save the polar bears.

"For her birthday, she's asked for a cake with the Earth on it, a mother polar bear with a cub hanging on her back, and a cub following behind.

"Her birthday is coming up and in lieu of presents, we are going to have a piggy bank where her friends can bring in monetary donations for Polar Bears International. She chose this charity on her own because she is scared and sad about polar bears dying."

We also want to send a big shout out and bear hug to Ryan Watkins who contacted us through our Facebook page.  Ryan is hosting "Four Months of Polar Bear Awareness" on Facebook. 

From December 1—March 31, he spreads awareness about polar bears, climate change, and efforts to help polar bears and mitigate climate change by posting news and information on the topics.

"What's happening with the polar bears is a serious issue. A serious issue for them, our environment, and humanity. I put the welfare of polar bears next to the welfare people. People say that in conservation when you're trying to save an endangered animal from extinction you're not just saving the endangered animal, you're also saving other animals that live in the same environment. While we're trying to save polar bears we're also trying to save us. The polar bear's home is one of the big parts on this planet that make up our home too."

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