Ariella met with Denver Zoo staff to share her plan to raise funds for polar bears.

© From Ariella's GoFundMe page

9/23/2015 3:55:04 PM

{Wednesday Shout Out} Ariella's Polar Bear Challenge

We recently received an email from Jennifer Hale at the Denver Zoological Foundation alerting us about a young woman who really cares about polar bears.

Jennifer and her colleague met with Ariella to learn about Ariella's efforts to raise funds for Polar Bears International and to answer questions about polar bears and the Denver Zoo's efforts.

Jennifer wrote, "She is an amazing individual and really passionate about animals.  She expressed to us a strong interest to explore veterinary medicine when she gets older."

We checked out Ariella's mom's GoFundMe page and learned more about Ariella's Polar Bear Challenge. Her mom set up the page to raise funds for Polar Bears International.

"My daughter Ariella has chosen to support and raise money for Polar Bears International as a project connected to her upcoming Bat Mitzvah in November. 

"We have been really inspired by the work of this organization which is a leading voice on how climate warming impacts polar bears and their Arctic home. These deeply threatened, majestic creatures are our current-day canaries in the coal mine. Ariella, the animal-lover she is, is heartbroken about their predicament and it's my hope that her personal grief can help mobilize all of us to act and consider reducing our C02 impact on the earth."  

Ariella's mom will be walking daily and asking people to sponsor her. She hopes to walk 200 miles by November 1st.

"Therein lies the Polar Bear Challenge! I invite you to 'sponsor' me as I walk these miles towards health and strength, while also raising money on behalf of Ariella. 

"Let's do this! For the earth, the polar bears and Ariella! I will post updates about our progress."

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