Close up of two polar bears

We stand together – for polar bears, people, and the planet.

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6/15/2020 6:48:31 PM

We Stand Together

By Krista Wright, Executive Director

Out of respect for George Floyd and the urgent need to end racial injustice, we paused our communications last week to let other voices be heard.

It was a time to listen. A time to absorb. A time to hear about the lived experiences and sufferings of others--and commit to finally change the systems that are making so many injustices possible.

As a conservation group focused on polar bears, our passion and concern is for the fate of the world from climate change. Yet we also know that environmental problems are intertwined with racial and social justice issues—and that black and indigenous communities are disproportionally affected by climate impacts. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement in addressing these profound inequities.

This year has been incredibly difficult, but out of sad, scary, and uncomfortable times comes the opportunity for real, fundamental change. We hope that the outrage that shook the world leads to sweeping structural reforms, along with record voter turnout this fall, helping to dismantle systemic racism, return to sound science, and create a fair, just world for all.

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