A polar bear stands along the rocky shoreline of an ice-free Hudson Bay

© Madison Stevens/Polar Bears International

10/28/2019 1:13:01 PM

This Week in Churchill

By Emily Ringer, Marketing and Communications Manager

As the fall air cools over this corner of ocean, Hudson Bay makes its own cloud cover. Water—warmed by summer—condenses into a smooth disk hovering above the horizon. And beneath these muted skies, the Hudson Bay polar bears watch from the shore for signs of sea ice forming. 

In the first full week of polar bear season, these scenes live-streamed into classrooms and homes around the world. As bears sparred, sniffed, and snoozed on the cams, we connected with schools across Northern Canada to speak to students in the Arctic about what it’s like to live near polar bears and how global actions impact all those living in the North. If you missed these webcasts, you can catch up on them here

Looking towards the week ahead, you'll have many more opportunities to take a front row seat at the annual polar bear migration. See you out there!

  • Polar Bear Cams will continue, bringing polar bears, other wildlife, and the wind-swept tundra to you.
  • We’ll air two live chats this week: Polar Bear Research: Less Invasive, More Informative, on Tuesday, Oct 29th, 1 pm Central Time; Don’t Be Scared of the Big White Bear, on Thursday, Oct 31st, 2 pm Central Time. You can watch them here.  
  • We’ve also scheduled a Tundra Connections webcast, Studying the Secret Lives of Polar Bears, Gr 3+, on Wednesday, Oct 30th, 12 pm CT. It will focus on using technology to explore the secret lives of polar bears. To join, register and then watch here.
  • In other news, a new study led by Dr. Andrew Derocher is using satellite-linked ear tags to gain insights on the behavior of relocated polar bears. Read the latest update.   
  • And finally, if you missed our video about the new Polar Bears International House in Churchill and how it’s helping to amplify the polar bear’s story, you can see it here

I hope you enjoy connecting with polar bears in the coming days! I’ll be in touch next Monday about what’s in store for Polar Bear Week.

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