10/22/2013 1:57:03 PM

There's Something About Nothing

By Kt Miller

Beams of light danced through the clouds illuminating the boreal forest on the horizon. Churchill is unique in that it's located where the boreal forest meets the tundra. It's kind of like that puppy you once had, that you never wanted to grow up. The trees just stay short and cute forever, their growth inhibited by the harsh elements of the north. The last colors of fall seem to be leaving before my eyes and a thin blanket of white has covered the land. Polar bear season is here.

We rolled out onto the tundra in Buggy One yesterday to do a final test on the wireless network before our Tundra Connections program begins on Wednesday. Of course, testing the network also involves polar bear viewing, tundra sunsets, and vast views of the immense wilderness present in the north. "There's something about nothing ..." I thought as I gazed out the window on our way back to town.

We picked up a trio of newly arrived scientists on our way home. This week we are excited to be hosting Denver Holt, Kevin Middel, and Jay Olson, three scientists who will be participating in our live educational broadcasts. I am always fascinated to sit and listen to them discuss their area of expertise while brainstorming ways to reach out and educate the public from Churchill.

Their company alone is also a big highlight. Last night we laughed late into the evening. "Wouldn't it be great if people had delayed implantation for pregnancies, like polar bears?" someone mused. "You could have a few months to think about it before making a final decision." And, "How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice ..."

And so the season begins. The panelists head out onto the tundra tomorrow, and our first webcast is Wednesday, October 23rd at 10:30 Central Time! 

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