Motivated by lessons learned from his family, Miami artist David Le Batard (Lebo) used his art as a fundraiser to help PBI's work for polar bears.

© Courtesy of David Le Batard

4/10/2017 11:30:47 PM

The Art of Polar Bears

Inspired by the connection of all creatures, Miami artist David Le Batard—whose name as an artist is "Lebo"—raised nearly $2,500 for Polar Bears International on International Polar Bear Day.

“We are honored by Lebo's generous contribution in support of our mission to conserve polar bears and the sea ice they depend on for survival,” said Janet Stringer, PBI’s development associate. “It's been a pleasure to work with such a talented and committed artist who has generously shared his passion for the Arctic with our organization.”

Lebo is recognized for working in a wide spectrum of creative mediums including murals, paintings, and sculptures. He is the innovator of Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism—a combination of cartoon imagery, richly saturated balances of color, and unique linear composition brought together in a narrative style to inspire emotion and create layers of meaning. 

“I had learned that International Polar Bear Day was coming up and wanted to help support these magnificent creatures from deep in the heart of the tropics at my home and studio on Miami Beach,” Lebo said. “I do feel like we are all one, so whether it's polar bears or manatees, bees, rhinos, or fellow humans, I feel it all helps foster a respect for life in general when we try to connect in positive ways.”

Lebo has not yet seen a polar bear, though he travels to Alaska and has spent time around brown bears. He said he has a deep respect for both species.

Growing up in a family that encouraged acts of service, Lebo is a natural fit for PBI.

“In my home we were brought up with the idea that we can demonstrate appreciation for our blessings by committing acts of service. We would go to nursing homes, soup kitchens, hospitals, etc., regularly to help those in need of some positive attention,” he said. 

“My work in helping preserve various non-human animals survival and quality of life stems from these lessons I was fortunate enough to learn from my family.”

Polar Bears International is deeply grateful to Lebo and his wonderful team for their generous contribution to our work.

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