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Submit a Video Question for International Polar Bear Day

Submit a Video Question for International Polar Bear Day

Do you have a polar bear or Arctic question you'd love to ask a scientist? As part of our International Polar Bear Day celebration on February 27th, we're inviting video questions from the public! Send us a short video of yourself asking your question by February 1, 2016 and it might be answered by an actual expert. We plan to release the completed video on February 26th.

Here's how:

1.  Use your phone or computer to take a short (5-20 seconds) video clip of yourself (or your class, sibling, child, etc.) asking a question about polar bears or the Arctic.

-Introduce yourself and say where you are from (and what school you go to if you are a student)

-If using a phone, please take the video in the HORIZONTAL position

-Have a simple backdrop behind you (i.e., we want the focus to be on you!)

-Make sure background noise is minimal

-Speak clearly and with enough volume that you can easily be heard

 2.  Upload your video to Polar Bear International's Facebook page (please do not upload through YouTube) by February 1st. If you do not have access to Facebook, email connections@pbears.org and we will provide you with an alternative method.

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