A polar bear mom nestles with her cub.

Denning is the most vulnerable time in the polar bear's lifecycle. The decision to allow oil and gas lease sales in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge poses great harm to an already imperiled polar bear population.

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9/1/2020 5:10:26 PM

Speak Up for Moms and Cubs

The White House recently announced a decision to green light oil and gas lease sales in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, ignoring decades of research on denning polar bear families and putting moms and cubs at great risk. (See our statement here.)

We’ve been involved with the issue since a pre-leasing seismic survey for oil and gas was first proposed for the Arctic Refuge in 2018—and we want to bring you up to speed on our ongoing work to safeguard this critical habitat.

The Bureau of Land Management’s final decision to open the entire Coastal Plain of the Refuge to leasing is already facing challenges in the courts. Our staff scientists are providing scientific and technical expertise to vigorously defend this key denning area and shield moms and cubs from harm, based on our long history of den research.

These efforts build on our earlier work testifying before Congress about the importance of the Refuge and providing Bureau of Land Management officials with an in-depth report outlining the devastating impacts the White House plan would have on an already imperiled polar bear population.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate to support our efforts on behalf of vulnerable moms and cubs, helping to ensure that sound science wins the day
  • Vote for candidates who value science and share your concern for a healthy environment, for polar bears and people around the globe
  • Contact your representatives to let them know that the decision to allow oil and gas development in Alaska’s Arctic Refuge is not supported by the science—and that you hope they will do all that they can to reverse this misguided decision, which poses great harm to an already vulnerable polar bear population.

Thank you for your concernand for helping us to ensure the polar bear’s voice is heard.

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