2/18/2014 2:47:21 PM

Siku and His Polar Bear Family

We have exciting news from the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark: Siku has been introduced to his brother and sister, Nuno and Nanu!

The cubs' mother, Ilka, was not able to produce milk when her first cub, Siku, was born. The staff at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park mindfully and strategically reared Siku on their own. He has since grown into a happy and healthy polar bear. A year later Ilka gave birth to the twins. Immediately after the twins were born the park succeeded in stimulating Ilka's milk production. She went on to nurse her now 1 ½-year-old twins and has raised them entirely on her own.

The long-term goal has been to re-introduce Siku to his family. Last week the park succeeded in doing just that. The photos in the slideshow above are a testament to the facility's success!

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