4/23/2013 3:09:09 PM

Polar Bears in Wyoming

Long underwear. Check! Thick gloves. Check! Parka. Check!

What is it like to conduct research in the Arctic, where temperatures can plunge to -50? Kids in Laramie, Wyoming, had the chance to find out when several PBI staff members traveled to the University of Wyoming for a series of educational events on polar bears.

"It was so energizing to meet and interact with the public and field questions," said Leah Knickerbocker, PBI's program manager. "People really care about polar bears, are curious about arctic research, and want to know what they can do to help."

Joining Leah in Wyoming was PBI's chief scientist, Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, and BJ Kirschhoffer, our director of field operations, who studies polar bear cubs each spring on Alaska's North Slope. PBI held the events in partnership with the University of Wyoming's Biodiversity Institute and Department of Zoology and Physiology.

The events included:

  • A public seminar—"Polar bears and climate change, certainties, uncertainties, and hope for the rest of us"—featuring Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, PBI's chief scientist.
  • Three live webcasts to viewers in remote locations, each with a different topic and target audience—from kindergarten on up to the professional level.
  • A Polar Bear Extravaganza for Kids that gave them the chance to meet scientists, touch polar bear fur, and learn about the Arctic.

If you missed the webcasts you can watch them on our YouTube channel. 

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