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When Hudson Bay freezes, polar bears can return to their hunting seal-hunting grounds, replenishing their fat reserves after a months-long fast.

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1/9/2017 1:57:22 AM

Polar Bear Week 2016 Starts Today!

A fresh layer of snow blankets the tundra near Churchill as temperatures start to drop. That’s good news for the polar bears waiting for sea ice to form on Hudson Bay.

The return of the ice means a return to hunting seals, which is why snowy weather is such a fitting backdrop to our Polar Bear Week celebration.

To help you delve into the polar bear’s world, we’re sharing a special guest post by scientist Vicki Sahanatien of Iqaluit, Nunavut. She reflects on her two weeks in Churchill observing polar bears and helping with our educational outreach.

Also during Polar Bear Week, the BBC is visiting with us to film a TV series, Arctic Live. Watch for a later blog post on the experience.

What else? The Polar Bear Cam is in full swing, with lots of bears showing up for the cameras. Plus we’ve planned a series of live chats and a set of daily actions. For details, check out the schedules below!

Polar Bear Week - Live Chats

Watch on our Polar Bear TV

  • Live from the Arctic—Why Churchill Matters Thursday, November 3, starting at 11:00 am Central Time
  • A Vote, A Voice—For the Future Friday, November 4, starting at 11:00 am Central Time

Polar Bear Week – Energy Challenge

Your day-by-day invite

Check out the daily actions you can take during Polar Bear Week to support the transition from fossil fuels—from signing up for clean energy through Arcadia Power to joining our push for a fair price on carbon.

Together, we can support the shift to a renewable energy future. This will help save the sea ice that polar bears depend on—and provide a better future for people too.

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