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10/26/2020 6:24:11 PM

Polar Bear Season: Week 2

By Kieran McIver, Churchill Operations Manager

Over the last week in my home of Churchill, Manitoba, winter rolled in, and the town and surrounding areas came alive with cold-loving creatures.

We’ve seen flocks of 30+ ptarmigan busily scuttling through the willows, snowy owls resting on the beach, and, most magnificently, a mother polar bear and three cubs. This was a very special sighting. As sea ice declines, mother polar bears have less time to hunt seals and build the fat reserves they need to nurse their cubs, making triplets increasingly uncommon. 

As is true in most places, the pandemic has dramatically slowed activity in Churchill. Our outreach and research vehicle—fondly known as Tundra Buggy 1—is currently one of the only vehicles on the tundra. We are honored to be here in this quiet time, and thrilled to be able to connect you, live, to polar bears and the community of people working to ensure their future. 

Here are your opportunities to tune in over the coming week: 

  • Every day brings something new to the live Polar Bear Cams—moms and cubs snuggling, lazy bears stretching, and juvenile male bears stirring up trouble on the tundra! Be sure to grab your front row seat at the annual polar bear migration and see what interesting bear behavior you can catch. 
  • We have two awesome Live Chats on the schedule this week! Tune in for Keeping Polar Bears and People Safe, on Tuesday, October 27th at 12 pm Central and Feast or Fast? Brown Bears vs. Polar Bears on Wednesday, October 28th at 1 pm Central. You can watch them here
  • Our Tundra Connections webcast, Seriously Cool Sea Ice, is scheduled for Thursday, October 29th at 1 pm Central. To join, register and then watch here at the appropriate time. 
  • Polar Bear Week is next week, November 1st - 7th! We're offering daily ways for people to get involved from home, aiming to relieve lockdown stress while also shining a light on the need for climate action. Take a look at the schedule, and make your Polar Bear Week plan. 

I’ll be in touch next Monday with a look at the week ahead!

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