11/21/2012 6:00:00 AM

PBI is Grateful For...

Remember when you were a kid sitting around the Thanksgiving table and your parents made everyone say what they were grateful for? I did that same thing with the Polar Bears International staff. Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving and although we are spread across countries and states, I'm pretending we are holding hands around the table.

Here's what some of the PBI family is thankful for.

I'm grateful for individuals, organizations and groups that work to reduce greenhouse gases in their communities. They are changing the business-as-usual model that is based on fossil fuels. Kathryn Foat, Vice President, Conservation Education & Stewardship Strategies

I'm thankful for the many inspiring ideas being shared on the Save Our Sea Ice Campaign gathering place on the PBI website. They give me hope--for polar bears and the planet. Barbara Nielsen, Director of Communications

I'm thankful that I've had the chance to see and film these incredible bears close-up and personal while they are still around. I have a lot of hope that if we all do our part and speak out, my two boys will have the chance to see them too. Henry Harrison, Videographer

I am grateful for understanding more about how to live sustainably so that the diversity of this planet can be maintained for future generations. Carolyn Buchanan, Secretary, PBI Board of Directors

I am so thankful for access to the education I need to make informed life decisions. Amy Shellenberger, Communications and Partnerships Manager

I am grateful for my two boys and the incredible hope young people bring to our warming climate. I am thankful they have the eyes to see how we are all connected on this earth and for the compassion they instill in me everyday. Jane Kudrna Arnold, Online Store Manager

I am grateful for the beautiful sunsets in Churchill this season. Krista Wright, Vice President, COO

I am thankful for all of the inspirational people I had the opportunity to work with this fall in Churchill. What an incredible group of people! Kt Miller, Churchill Logistics Coordinator

Although at times I have felt pretty down about world circumstances and the many challenges we face, I also always recognize the many blessings for which I am really thankful. Picking one is a challenge. We came up with two, however. Virginia is thankful for time alone to work in the garden and take pictures of bugs. Steve is thankful for all of his wonderful friends and coworkers. Virginia Amstrup and Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, Chief Scientist & Vice President, Conservation Science

I am grateful to be part of the PBI family and work with a team that is passionate, intelligent and energized. Leah Knickerbocker, Program Manager

I am so grateful for the show of Northern Lights I got to watch in Churchill this fall, and the ice coming in on the Hudson Bay. Melynda Harrison, Social Media Manager

What are you thankful for this year?

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